Your health information belongs to you!

Health Files is created with one goal in mind! Patients and their families come to a single place to gain access to all of their health records regardless of the care provider utilized.

In today's times, consumers have easier access to their spend history than their own medical records. We want to fix that! Why? When you have access to your own medical history-

  1. You are less likely to undergo redundant tests and exams, which is cost-effective for you and the Insurance providers

  2. You are more likely to understand the relationship between your lifestyle and treatment choices and outcomes

  3. When you need to see a new doctor, you have your medical records handy to provide them to your new physician and avoid delays in receiving the care you need

  4. You have easy access to your immunization records to use as needed, for school, for travel, for repeat immunizations

If you would like to help turn this vision into a reality, please contact me at